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CyberPay Online v3 – now available – is a completely NEW application with single database payroll. You and your employees can use it anywhere you have access to an internet connection. No installed software is required; it runs in a browser.

A true, single sign-on solution
Payroll data is housed in a common, secure SQL database in the cloud. Data changes happen in real time – there is no waiting for synchronization. If you make an employee edit in the HR module, it is changed in Payroll and vice versa.

Your Company Can:

  • View PDF reports
  • Edit your account information
    • View/change employee setup
    • Local tax setup included
    • Add/remove pay types
    • Manage employee deductions
    • Manage employee benefits
    • Manage employee taxes
    • Manage time off accruals
    • View/edit basic employee information
    • View paystubs
  • Enter and submit payroll
    • Simple, five-step process
        1. Choose company and select dates
      1. 2. Import
        3. Enter payroll data
        4. Check totals
        5. Commit payroll
    • Fast, responsive payroll grid feels like a local application
    • Grid can change dynamically – add/remove columns, add pay types and do instant searches – all without refreshing the screen
  • Review previous payrolls
    • Summary totals of payrolls by pay type, location, department, division and job
    • Employee level detail of payrolls
  • Batch print checks
  • Print report groups

Your Employees Can:

  • Get an automatic email notifying them when payroll is run
  • View paystubs
  • Edit their login and contact information